Among the Olympian gods Poseidon, the god of the seas. The king of the underwater world lives in the enchantment of the ocean, surrounded by beautiful Nereids. They enjoy and take full advantage of the natural benefits, provided by the underwater world.
At Poseidonio Health & Spa Fitness Centre we set a principle traget, aiming at the improvement of the quality of health and lifestyle. We offer you the motivation, the methods, and the encouragement to help you achieve your personal goals towards a good physical condition, loss of weight and well being.

We combine the expertise of our professional fitness and health staff, with natural, safe and healthy surroundings, perfect for fitness, fun and relaxation. Our qualified staff consists of seven gym instructors, two physiotherapists, a beauty expert and masseur.

Furthermore, in co-ordination with a registered dietician and a doctor responsible for medical matters, we offer you safety and proper guidance in health issues.

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Dimokratias 132 , Paphos 8028 , Cyprus